Free Reading Resources

I’ve always encouraged my students to read more English outside of class to help build up their vocabulary and improve their writing skills. However, books in English can be hard to find and quite expensive in some parts of the world. As it often is, the internet is a great resource for students who need reading material. Check out these sites, then use them and/or share them.

  1. This website is based on American reading levels and lexile points. It has thousands of passages for different levels that come with a variety of comprehension and vocabulary related questions. Teachers can track their students’ progress and best of all it’s completely free.
  2. This website has lots of graded readers based on literary classics. The levels are from elementary-advanced. It also includes audio files of all of them.
  3. This website has graded news articles. It is regularly updated to include recent articles. There are lots of activities that go along with each article. These could be used in the classroom or by students alone at home.
  4. This website isn’t just for reading, but it does have a good free e-book collection that’s tablet-friendly. The stories are great for younger children and most have audio files that can be played as the child reads along. It does require that you create a free user account. The site has some paid parts, but I’ve found the free bits to be helpful on their own.

Do you have any favorite sites where students could access free reading material? Share them in the comments!


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